Top 5 reasons to choose 4K over 2K

Top 5 reasons to choose 4K over 2K

The difference is clear: 4K Digital Cinema projection delivers four times more detail than ordinary 2K cinema projectors. At Sony, we only make 4K Digital Cinema projectors because we know they deliver better-looking pictures. From TV to tablets, the world is going 4K. Don’t give your audience anything less.

1. 4K is happening right now

2K digital projectors are basically 
just high definition TVs projected

Christopher Nolan, Hollywood movie Director

People are quickly getting used to 4K pictures, from the latest Ultra HD television sets to PCs and tablets with 4K resolution displays. TV broadcasters are already trialling 4K TV transmissions, and there’s lots more content on the way. Can you afford not to future-proof your business with 4K from Sony? 

2. Audiences can see the difference

Sit close to a 2K image projected on a big cinema screen. You can see the individual pixels – and that’s something that cinema audiences don’t want. With 4K your audience can forget about pixels and focus on the story. 

3. A world of 4K content

There’s a lot to offer your audience. More and more films – plus other specialist content, from sports to live concerts, opera and ballet – are already being shot, distributed and projected in Sony 4K.




4. A complete 4K solution for 
cinemas of any size

4K looks great on any size of cinema screen – 
from smaller independents to large multiplexes.
Sony offers a complete family of 4K projectors 
for amazing results in any auditorium. And don’t 
forget: Sony 4K is a complete projection system 
that spans everything from digital security to 
3D, theatre management and latest technologies 
for high frame rates. 





5. We’re passionate about 4K

At some point, people will just expect 
all their content in 4K. It's going to be 
come the new norm.

Basso Hanno, CTO 20th Century Fox

At Sony, we’re passionate about delivering an uncompromised 4K experience to cinema audiences. But that’s only part of the story. Nobody else matches our end-to-end 4K vision that spans movie-making, TV production and home entertainment.