About us

In the first half of 1980 by the government of copyrights of foreign films in Turkey with securing, distributor and producer companies (Warner Brothers, UIP, Fox, etc.), Turkey began to work to establish the office. This period film distribution infrastructure established very quickly, films, history of world output began to occur simultaneously with Turkey. But this time, cinema operators, sound, projection, were forced to invest, such as interior design. The main reason is a lack of a firm undertaking was able to serve on the subject.
1980 's producer and distributor, our company, which is active at the end of the sound and projection systems Vidovizyo LTD immediately to prepare the infrastructure for this activity in Turkey has started the installation room. Forming the world's leading manufacturer by visiting their place in the supply chain experience to make the company a turnkey project by the end of 1990 and reached a market power. The largest company in the short term the company started to work as a sister company ICECO issues related to the United States in 1997 after CINEMA SYSTEMS OMEGA continued to operate as a specialized company under the name FOREIGN TRADE LTD. The industrial city of Izmit 't ölçekliş was started in the middle of some important components of establishing a manufacturing plant.
Company mission in the early 2000s, "Turkey and the potential markets in neighboring countries, which can supply instant the current cinema technology, ensure the transition to the latest technology of the day the theater, all kinds of equipment on the subject, knowledge, service, maintenance, repairs fastest way issues and activities to ensure the continuous self-renew "was formed as.