Dolby 3D

  • Spectacular 3D Picture

    The most important aspect of any 3D technology is the picture, and Dolby® 3D delivers. You'll enjoy vivid images with realistic depth and exceptional clarity.

  • 3D on Your TV, Laptop, or Mobile Device

    Dolby 3D works on any 3D device: TV, tablet, laptop, or smartphone. It automatically optimizes 3D content for the specific device and screen size.

  • Full Resolution

    Other 3D systems deliver only half-resolution to each eye. Dolby 3D upgrades these signals to full-resolution 3D for both glasses-free and traditional glasses-based 3D. You'll enjoy a much sharper picture.

  • At Last—Social 3D

    Sit anywhere in the room for great 3D on your TV. You can have friends over and not have to crowd into one small area—or deal with annoying glasses.