Dolby IMB/ShowVault

The Dolby® ShowVault was developed to interface with Dolby and Doremi integrated media blocks (IMBs) available inside Series 2 DLP® projectors, making both 2K and 4K playback possible. The Dolby ShowVault is available in two chassis configurations to fit user requirements. Dolby ShowVault loads digital content from a networked central server via Ethernet or USB 2.0 and delivers files electronically to the IMB via an external PCI Express cable. Using preloaded CineLister software, Dolby ShowVault allows theatre operators to easily program the entire movie schedule, including onscreen advertising, trailers, features, and announcements. The IMB uses patent-pending 4K media block technology. With the IMB installed in a Series 2 DLP 4K-ready projector along with the external Dolby ShowVault, customers can now choose the most future-proof digital projection solution in the industry. If the customer elects to project in 2K, the IMB keeps content secure by moving the digital video decryption from outside of the projector to inside the projector.