Flexible, Cost-Effective Ethernet I/O Connectivity

The JNIOR family of logic controllers provides an easy and cost-effective way to connect, monitor and control small sets of process signals, and transmit that information over the Ethernet for a variety of uses. All models provide superior flexibility and functionality.

After 10 years of production, the JNIOR Models 310, 312 and 314 (Series 3) have gone 'end of life' and are no longer available for purchase  as of February 1, 2015.  The microprocessor used in these models has gone 'end of life' and we can no longer purchase it. INTEG will continue to support the Series 3 software and honor all warranties 

The JNIOR Models 410, 412 and 414 are direct replacements for the 310, 312 and 314.  The new Series 4 contain a faster microprocessor and more memory allowing INTEG to expand the applications for the Series 4. 

Please contact Rick Shulkosky at rshulkosky@integpg.com or by phone at 1-724-933-9350 extension 20 with any questions or to discuss the new Series 4 including pricing. 

Core compliment of digital I/O
Expandable I/O via the Plug and Play Sensor Port
Two serial ports (RS232 and RS232/RS422/RS485)
Battery-backed RAM with accessible immutable memory blocks
FLASH memory for storage of configuration and programs
Industry certifications - TUV, FCC, CE, RoHS
2-year warranty
Optional power supply: wall mole converts 120/240 volts AC
to 12 volts DC (North American plug or Euro plug)
Contact INTEG Process Group for assistance or to purchase JNIOR Series 3 or 4 Controllers. Go here to view the JNIOR documentation or download software.